Professional Massage - Exceptional Price


Love of the beautiful Whitsundays and Mackay brought Donna here 6 years ago and she is so happy to call this place her home. She is a Diploma Qualified Massage Therapist who has a holistic view of health and how imbalances, stress and trauma can affect our bodies. Donna enjoys assisting the bodies built in healing mechanisms through the modality of massage. She also enjoys healing with Reiki and aromatherapy.
Donna has been using Aromatherapy (essential oils) for herself and her family for almost 30 years and can attest to their effectiveness for a myriad of ailments. She believes we should never underestimate the power of the mind and we all need to give ourselves the time to look after our bodies and our health. Massage is a wonderful way to look after our wellbeing.
She looks forward to meeting you all soon.
Donna has Provider Numbers for the ARHG which includes Westfund, Teachers Union, Qld Country Defence Health and many more. She also has BUPA, AHM, CBHS, NIB, The Doctors Health Fund, GU Health, Aust Unity and HBF.

Donna is currently not instructing any classes.