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Fascia - The Forgotten Tissue

Massage Addicts, We Are Introducing A Process Called The Fascia Blast!

Fascia is your body's connective tissue and it can be found from head to toe! Every time you suffer a trauma or repetitive stress injury your fascia will adhere to protect or atone for imbalances. Imagine that your fascia is putting a big band aid over every micro trauma. The band aids pile up and eventually you have a big adhered mess! Distortions in fascia can pull, torque, and compress the body into misalignment. 

Studies show that fascial tension in one structure - such as the knee - can cause tension or issues in adjacent structures, such as the hip or ankle. Some common conditions that you may have heard of like Plantar Fascitis, IT band syndrome, and frozen shoulder are all attributed to distortions in you fascia. 

Fascia is malleable and has the ability to change states. So, just as the adhesions have formed, they also can be released. We use an instrument specifically designed to break up fascial adhesions! The Fascia Blast Treatment restores healthy fascia, reduces appearance of "cellulite", improves muscle performance, nerve activity, circulation, and reduces pain!

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