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Swedish (Therapeutic) 

The most well-know massage in the world. Emphasises full body relaxation with many therapeutic effects. If you are new to massage, this is a great place to start. 

mums have special needs. spoil yourself with a soothing massage in the areas that you need most. reduces 

fatigue - soothes sore muscles - alleviates backache.

finger and palm pressure working with your body's energy meridians. stimulates your body's healing potential

reduces stress - increases energy.

Remedial (remedial)
focuses on specific areas of injury by using deep muscle compression, passive stretching, and stroking

to relieve muscle tension. advanced muscle release - improved joint mobility.

Deep Tissue (remedial)
a remedial technique of muscle re-education. pain relief - loosens scar tissue - lengthens muscles.

Sports (remedial)
keeping our athletes in the game. for injury recovery and prevention. flexibility - improved endurance - 

balances training regime.

Cross-fibre release (remedial)
a fully clothed massage for re-alignment of the body using gentle techniques. very similar to bowen - 

stimulates energy flow - gives relief - restores balance

Lymphatic Drainage (remedial)
not to be confused with traditional massage techniques, this is a very light touch. corrects the lymph 

to assist in the removal of toxins. increases metabolism - powers up immune function.

Trigger point (remedial)
especially designed to alleviate the source of pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release. regular 

treatments can help naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries. 

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