Cancellation Policy:
Please understand that our therapists are only paid for the massages that they complete. Every time a person cancels late, or worse, just doesn't turn up at all, that is a lost opportunity for income. Think of it like this: you are not booking a massage, you are booking the therapists time. Whether you turn up or do not turn up, you are still obligated to pay for the appointment. 

To that end, our cancellation policy is as follows:

1. Members with massage credits will lose a full credit if they do not cancel before 6pm on the day before their scheduled massage. 

2. Members with no current credits will be assessed the penalty when their next massage credit is purchased on the first of the month. Alternatively, members may pay a $50 fee to preseve their next massage credit. 

3. Non-members will have a negative $50 balance that must be paid before we will accept another booking. 

We realise no one enjoys paying for things like late appointment fees and we understand that we may lose some business as a result. 

Thanks for understanding for continuing to support our business. 
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